About the service

What is Rida?

Rida is a universal transportation app for drivers and passengers where users agree on ride prices independently. The passenger creates a ride in the app, and drivers can accept, decline, or make a counteroffer.

How is Rida different from a taxi?

The most important difference is the option to negotiate ride prices with the driver. You can also look at photos of potential cars and choose which driver you want to ride with. 

Is Rida legal?

We only work with drivers who are legally permitted to operate a vehicle. First we check every new driver, then we give them access to ride requests.

Is Rida safe?

All the drivers in our service have been thoroughly checked. Also, our Support team receives and processes all feedback on passengers and drivers.

How do you check your drivers?

Drivers have a more complicated registration process than passengers. We check all of their documents, including driver's license, as well as driver photos and vehicle photos.