About Rida

Drivers and passengers are looking for each other
One person wants to get from home to work. The second one is not against working while driving. Rida helps them find each other and arrange a price for the trip.

Looks like a taxi, but the price is negotiable.
The Rida is like ordering a taxi online, only the price of the passenger and the driver agree on their own. If you make a deal, it is cheaper than a taxi.

You are both the driver and the passenger - the application is one.
You can ride or drive: it is not necessary to download a separate application for this purpose. Only additional steps of registration and that's it!.

You know who you are going with
It's great when both the driver and the passenger know who they're coming with. That's why it's not possible without registration! The easiest way to get in is through Facebook: you can do this without additional steps. For those who want to be a driver, we ask for their driver's license and vehicle details.