Before the ride

How do I find and accept rides?

On the DRIVER screen, you'll see a list of rides from nearby users. Ride cards contain the passenger’s address, approximate travel time, passenger suggested price, and any comments. You can:

— tap a ride card to see its details,
— swipe right to immediately accept the ride,
— or swipe left to decline it.

After accepting a ride, the passenger is notified and confirms the ride. After confirmation, you are officially made the driver. The ride list is updated every 60 seconds.

How do I offer my own ride price?

Our app lets you and the passenger negotiate a ride price that suits you both. When you open a ride you want: 

— accept it by tapping the ACCEPT FOR... button if the price suits you,
— make a counteroffer with one of the suggested amounts on the buttons below, or enter your own price (more or less than the original) by tapping MY PRICE.

The user will see your offer and either:
— agree and make your price the final ride price,
— decline it and you will receive a message that they did not accept your price.

Can I contact a passenger before the ride?

Once the passenger has chosen you to drive, the ride begins: a screen will appear with the map, pickup address, and approximate route to the passenger. The buttons at the bottom are:

NAVIGATION — open a navigation app,
CALL — call the passenger to clarify the meeting place, ride details, or additional ride requirements,
passenger photo — see detailed passenger info,
DETAILS — see ride details.

If for some reason you need to cancel the ride, click the CANCEL button in the upper right corner.

What if the passenger isn't at the pickup address?

Make sure you’re at the correct address. Also check the comments to the ride — they often specify where the passenger will be waiting:

— call the passenger using the phone icon CALL button at the bottom of the screen,
— cancel the ride with the CANCEL button in the upper right corner of the screen.

What if a passenger asks me to transport large items?

The passenger may want to take something other than personal belongings on the ride, like luggage that’s larger than carry-on size. You can agree if it's no trouble, but you are not obligated to transport such items and can therefore decline the ride.

Can I do long-distance rides?

Our service helps drivers and passengers find each other. The conditions of the ride, including the route and price, are determined by you and the passenger alone. The user can specify any destination address for their ride, which means it might be in another city. You can choose the ride in the general list, or ignore it.

Having trouble finding a ride? Contact us.

Can I cancel a ride?

Any time before you reach the passenger and tap the START RIDE button, you can cancel the ride by tapping CANCEL on the ride screen in the upper right corner. After starting a ride with a passenger, you can only complete the ride with the FINISH button. Once you've tapped START RIDE, the passenger can no longer cancel the ride either.

After you tap CANCEL, you’ll need to select the reason for cancelling (or specify your own) and confirm. Only then will the ride be completely cancelled.

Sometimes the passenger will change their mind and cancel the ride on their own. In this case, you'll receive a notification.

Having trouble cancelling a ride? Contact us.