During the ride

What are the general rules for passengers?

The rules are simple: don't forget to buckle up, and behave like you're in a coworker's car. Get comfortable, but don't cross the line.

Can I change the route or add stops?

You can discuss additional stops with the driver and take a different route if both of you agree on the price. But keep in mind that the driver agreed only to the route you initially offered, and can decline any changes or ask to increase the price for any changes.

Can I change the price during a ride?

Drivers expect to be paid the amount agreed at the start, and are owed this amount at the end of a ride. However, you can always agree on a price change with the driver if ride conditions change.

What should I expect from the driver?

The driver’s job is to drive you from one address to another. You are responsible for discussing any route changes, transporting bulky items or animals, and changes in the ride price in advance. The driver is not required to help you with your luggage, open doors, etc., but may help at your request or on their own initiative. 

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