Introducing a new way to get from A to B.

Rida is a social driving experience. Ride one day, drive the next. Pay for your rides with money you earn driving.

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The passenger experience

I am looking for a ride!


Create your route and offer a price.

Watch offers come in, choose the best one.

Black premium sedan, +1.50👛

Silver hatchback, your price 👛

The driver is waiting for you. 🚘

I'm on my way!

Meet your driver and take your ride.

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Download Rida today

Bidding in Rida

With Rida, you can set a price for your trip and deal directly in the app. It only takes a couple of minutes.

Intercity trips

With Rida, you can arrange to travel around the country, not just within the city. Offer your route and price, and catch the drivers' bids!


All Rida users can view each other's profiles. Passengers see the name, photo, and rating of the drivers, and drivers see the passengers.