Rida dasturidan foydalanish bo‘yicha litsenziya kelishuvi

Attention! By using the Rida mobile application (computer software) (the "Application"), you accept the terms and conditions set forth herein and enter into this License Agreement. If you do not agree to the following terms and conditions, you must refrain from using the Application.


Version dated 15.10.2019.

The company Rida Ltd., registered at the address: Vratsakan St. lane 4th, apt. 10, Armenia (hereinafter referred to as the "Company"), offers to any person with legal capacity (hereinafter referred to as the "User") to conclude this License Agreement for the use of the Rida program (hereinafter referred to as the "License Agreement") on the following terms.


The License Agreement shall be deemed to have been concluded from the moment the User starts using the Application in any way, including the use of any of the Application's features.

The terms and conditions of the License Agreement apply to the Application, its individual features, and all versions of the Application unless otherwise specified in the text of the License Agreement or in the corresponding version of the License Agreement.

  1. The Company has the right to amend the License Agreement from time to time. The current version of the License Agreement is permanently available in the Application and at the address https://rida.app/en/privacy. Continued use of the Application by the User means that the User agrees to the new (amended) version of the License Agreement. Subject of Agreement
    • The Company grants the User a non-exclusive license to use the Application by reproducing it on the User's device and using the Application for its intended purpose.
    • The User is entitled to use the Application features, which are made clearly available to the User.
    • The use of any means to circumvent restrictions (if any) on certain Application features falls outside the scope of rights granted to the User in the License Agreement and is considered a violation of the Company's exclusive rights to the Application.
    • This non-exclusive license to use the Application is provided free of charge, is limited to the area of the Application's functionality accessible to the User and the period of use of the Application by the User, and does not provide the Company with a report on the use of the Application.
    • The User is not entitled to make changes, corrections, or reverse engineer the Application. In order to protect the interests of the Company and the rights of Users, the right of use under the License Agreement does not include the right of the User to create computer programs that can in any way interact with the Application by receiving information provided by third parties and other Users of the Application during its use.
    • If the User needs additional permissions (licenses, certificates, etc.) to use the Application in accordance with applicable law, the User shall ensure that he/she possesses such permissions. In any case, the User shall be obliged to comply with the requirements of applicable law when using the Application. The License Agreement may be invalidated if the user violates the specified guarantees and responsibilities.


  1. Functionality
    • In order to use all or some of the Application features, the User must register by specifying account data.
    • After registering in the Application, the User may search for other Users who have registered in the Application as vehicle drivers and have specified such vehicles during registration (hereinafter referred to as "Drivers"), offer to the Drivers the conditions for making a joint ride in the Driver's vehicle, familiarize themselves with Drivers' counter conditions, and accept or reject such conditions.
    • The Driver can search for the conditions of making joint rides through the Application, accept such conditions, offer counter conditions, or completely reject the conditions presented by the User.
    • The conditions for a joint ride may contain information about the User who has published such conditions, information about the starting and ending points of the User's route, information about the remuneration offered to the Driver for the joint ride, other information (comments) about the User, information about the Driver who has accepted such conditions or offered other conditions with regard to the remuneration of the Driver, information about the remuneration offered by the Driver, and contact numbers of the Users (including the Driver).
    • After accepting the joint ride (counter) conditions, the User may decline the joint ride by sending a corresponding notification to the Driver using the Application's functionality. This feature is available to the User immediately before the start of the joint ride. The start of a joint ride is determined either by a corresponding notification from the Driver in the Application or automatically based on the location of the User's and Driver's devices (depending on the actions in the corresponding version of the Application).
  2. Qualifications and Exceptions
    • The Company does not certify or confirm the content of (counter) conditions of completing joint rides and does not participate in legal relations with Users or in any settlements between Users. Application features are provided to the User for information purposes only.
    • The company is not a representative, agent, principal, customer, contractor, employer, performer for the User and/or Driver.
    • All claims from the User or the Driver regarding compliance with the (counter) conditions for completing a joint ride should be directed to the respective Driver or User. The Company does not participate in accepting claims or settling disputes between Users (Users and Drivers) and is not authorized to act on behalf of the User or Driver.
    • The Application is provided "as is", which means that the Company does not guarantee the stable, error-free, and correct operation of the Application or the availability of all or some of its features.
    • An Internet connection is required to use all or some of the Application features. The User shall pay for Internet access at his/her expense and shall configure his/her device to access the Internet (if necessary).
    • The Company does not guarantee that the Application will meet the User's expectations of using the Application. The User uses the Application at his/her own risk. The Company shall not be liable for any consequences for the User resulting from the use or inability to use the Application.
  3. User Data
    • By using the Application, the User provides consent to the Company to process his/her personal information (including personal data) for the purposes of using the Application, searching and selecting conditions for completing joint rides. The User has the right to revoke such consent in accordance with the requirements of applicable law.
    • The User is hereby notified and agrees that the Company processes the User's data by any means necessary and sufficient to provide the functionality of the Program, including by automated and non-automated means, including by cross-border transfer (including to countries that are not parties to the Council of Europe Convention ETS 103, which are not members of the European Union or the Swiss Confederation), by transfer to third parties (including other Users for the purpose of providing the feature of sending (counter) conditions for the completion of join rides, and to organizations that provide technical, organization, and infrastructural support by means of publishing information about the equipment and servers of such organizations).
    • The Company processes the User's data provided by the User during registration and use of Application features, as well as the data received by the Company from the User's device to the extent that it is allowed by the usual means of the User's operating system, taking into account the permissions to access the data provided by the User in the corresponding security settings of the operating device of the User's device.
    • The User's data is processed for the purpose of providing Application functionality, for the purpose of providing technical support to the User (in case the User contacts the support service), for the purpose of exercising the rights and legitimate interests of the Company (including for advertising, protection of intellectual property, information and commercial security of the Company, provision of legal protection of the Company, fulfillment of the requirements of the law applicable to the Company).
    • The User has the right to request additional information from the Company about the procedure for processing User data by sending a message from the feedback form published in the Application. If applicable law establishes requirements for the form or content of such a request, the Company may, in addition to conducting a procedure to identify the person making such a request on behalf of the User, request additional information to comply with legal requirements.
    • The User has the right to request the complete deletion of the User's data and the User's account in the Application by sending a message from the feedback form published in the Application. The Company shall comply with such request within the time frame established by applicable law. Unless otherwise provided by the specified applicable law, the Company shall store the User's data after the User's request for its deletion within the general limitation period.
  4. Other Provisions
    • When using the Application, it is prohibited to publish (make available) and transfer to other Users and third parties information and materials that: violate the rights and interests of other Users, the Company, and/or third parties; are prohibited for distribution and transfer by applicable law; contain insults and/or obscene language; humiliate the honor, dignity, and/or business reputation of other Users, the Company, and/or third parties; defame; mislead; contain open and hidden advertising, malicious codes, and/or pornographic material; call for illegal or immoral acts; or similar such information and materials.
    • The Company does not control the reliability of the information provided by Users (including Drivers) and transferred to other Users through the Application. A User who believes that the content of the information received from other Users or available in the Application violates the License Agreement or applicable law may register a complaint with the Company about such information in order for the Company to take the necessary measures within the legal and technical capabilities of the Company.
    • The Application may contain advertisements and/or links to third party websites. The Company has no control over the content of such sites and does not guarantee that accessing such sites is safe or that the information contained on such sites is accurate.
    • The License Agreement and legal relations between the Company and the User, including those not regulated by the License Agreement, shall be governed by the law of the Netherlands.